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Finding the Fourth of July


John Adams wrote to Abigail his wife,
That Americans won an independent life,
In July 1776 – its second day,
He said that Americans would mark their way,
With guns, gatherings, bonfires. pomp and parade,
Firecrackers, sports, and picnics with lemonade.
John Adams was right about the celebration,
Involving everyone in the new- born nation,
In his letter to Abby John made one mistake,
He miscalculated the independence date.
Congress needed two more days that fateful July,
To explain independence- the how and why,
A declaration by Jefferson and committee,
Passed on July 4 with freedom’s nitty gritty.
Some historians argue with faith and trust,
For a signing date the second of August,
While others firmly believe the opposite view,
That the Fourth of July is the date that is true.
A year later -1777,
Philadelphians sent fireworks to heaven,
In 1778, joining the fun,
Washington gave his men a double dose of rum.
Much later Americans noted with a sigh,
Both Jefferson and Adams chose the fourth to die,
Their deaths red-lettering for posterity,
America’s fiftieth anniversary.
Today as we celebrate the 4th of July:
Enjoy bright fireworks lighting up the sky,
Thank John Adams for helping to build our nation,
Strive for countless more July 4 celebrations.

Caroline in Summer

George stands looking over our 100 acres

“Our Nebraska homestead,” he calls it.

I stand beside him,

My dress strong-sewed

By my work-hard hands

My heart and back


Only once did I cry

When our son Jacob left for California.

But now,

I am as unceasing as the prairie wind,

:”Our Nebraska back-breaker,” George calls me,

But my back isn’t broken!




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